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The Climate Change Leadership Institute (CCLI) is a civil society based non-profit organization dedicated to phasing out greenhouse gas emissions thru conservation, integrity and dynamic pathways that uplift our communities. With these aims in mind, we provide annual direct action projects & seed grant alliance awards, offer paid student internships, support environmental education and put forth streaming ways for you to demonstrate personal & collective responsibility (see below). Become a CCLI member and together we will put our local community and America at the helm of sustainability. Also please thank CCLI's local sponsors because the only way we achieve victory is in teamwork and by collaboration.


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Climate Leadership Challenge
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Coalition of New Mexico
Businesses for Climate Leadership
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click the following links to participate in LEAD YOUR REVOLUTION (ccli's member site and social action network for clean energy & climate stewardship), CARBON OFFSET & COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT (standing up for a nationwide carbon fee & dividend program), COOL THE CLIMATE (a climate leadership endeavor), CONSERVATION QUEST (an energy & water conservation challenge), POWER PLEDGE (a to z ways to enact a sustainable future) and LIFT THE FOG (a sustainable development action plan to make oil & gas drilling and fracking more responsible).
Lead Your Revolution!
Santa Fe's Carbon Offset ~ Community Service Project
The Climate Leadership Weekend of Events to Benefit this Project
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CCLI's Action Project - Cool the ClimateThe Conservation Quest
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Past Annual Projects & Events

Coalition of New Mexico Businesses for Climate Leadership
Santa Fe's Carbon Offset ~ Community Service Project
2012 Lift the Fog
2011 Cool the Climate
 2010 Lead Your Revolution Project and News
2009 Conservation Quest
2008 Drive for Sustainability
2007 Water for the World

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Our Mission

The Climate Change Leadership Institute is founded on a most challenging premise – that the United States of America can correct her mistakes and be at the forefront in achieving a sustainable way of life on earth. The act of taking responsibility is at the heart of the change we seek given that human-induced global warming poses a growing threat to the world and the US, the lead perpetrator of the problem, is only begining to change. When we compel our Nation to fully own up to this injustice and take unparalleled measures of climate restoration and restitution, genuine security and widespread prosperity will emerge. As we revolutionize our economy – to be powered completely with clean energy and state of the art energy efficiency with a premium on conservation – we will once again be a beacon of light to the world.

In carrying out the mission – to compel the US to take responsibility for our massive role in human-induced global warming by asserting bold leadership and providing seminal solutions – the Climate Change Leadership Institute adopts the following central organizing principles and approaches to change-making.

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