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Direct Action

The dramatic transformation required to stabilize the global climate happens as we adopt extraordinary means & methods of change-making. Direct Action combines the powerful tactic of non-violent civil disobedience with a purposeful kind of ingenuity. When employed with foremost discipline and aligned with soul-force, Direct Action brings accountability, responsive leadership and meaningful transformation to our community, our nation and our world.

  • CCLI organizes and leads annual & ongoing direct action projects (see many of our direct action projects featured below):

    2018/Ongoing - New Mexico Healthy Soil Initiative
    2017/Ongoing - Santa Fe C Change Project
    2016 & 2015 - Santa Fe Environmental Impact Fee & Community Dividend
    Coalition of New Mexico Businesses for Climate Leadership
    Santa Fe's Carbon Offset ~ Community Service Project
    2012 Lift the Fog
    2011 Cool the Climate
     2010 Lead Your Revolution Project and News
    2009 Conservation Quest
    2008 Drive for Sustainability
    2007 Water for the World

  • We develop and host Direct Action workshops/trainings with a clear focus on fostering US Climate Change Leadership.
  • CCLI supports and sponsors inspiring and well organized Direct Action campaigns, promotes them on-line and evaluates their performance for future reference. Direct Action Grant Application Grant Process and Guidelines

2021 Direct Action Seed Grant Award

Kim Smith
for next level climate activism proudly standing up for Diné and other indigenous cultures through artistic resistance and uplifting community building.
- Award Letter

Past Direct Action Seed Grant Awards

Dave Dubois, the state climatologist
for raising awareness about the climate crisis and emphasizing the public health benefits in store if we take a leadership role in addressing it.
- Award Letter
2019 - Protect Our Winters (POW)
for their excellent work integrating climate action to the great outdoors and the winter endeavors we all hold so dear.
- Award Letter
Climate X Change
for developing a local Carbon Fee & Dividend analysis (based on Senate Memorial 23) from which to pursue fitting carbon pricing legislation in New Mexico.
for advancing the movement for 100% renewable energy
- Award Letter
2016 - Citizens Climate Lobby
for striving to enact a nationwide revenue neutral carbon fee & dividend / the seed grant will support a local student leadership corps
- Award Letter
2015 - Global Warming Express
- Award Letter
2014 - Tejinder Ciano - Reunity Resources
- Award Letter
2013 - Elementary Students of Santa Fe Public Schools
- Award Letter 
2012 - Craig Beckman, CEO, MIOX Corporation
- Award Letter 
- Response Letter 
Students for a Sustainable Future
- Award Letter 
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